Stay at home

In the current situation, humanity is undergoing an unprecedented health crisis forcing us to be confined in order to limit the spread of the disease.

He has isolated himself, in his Brittany workshop to get closer to nature. Where Monsieur Plant has chosen to translate this confinement in a quirky and humorous way as opposed to the media coverage of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

The « Stay at home » project stages his vision of containment. It is far from any human population, lost in a hostile nature under a small greenhouse as protection, that it evokes scenes of life, our daily life during this period, reading, music, and especially the long moments spent on the computer ...

In this tragic context for the human race, we can see that this situation is nevertheless the source of a very marked improvement in pollution.

Isn't this the moment when humanity must become aware of the values ​​essential to our life, to respect our mother earth, reconnect with ourselves, take the time to think about respecting others, sharing, self-sufficiency with a conscious and reasoned consumption, relearn at the beginning of spring to watch nature flourish around you and see how great it is and deserves respect. Today real luxury is no longer money but time….

In this context, Monsieur Plant also wishes to pay tribute to all those humans who fight daily to save lives at the expense of their own.