Mushroom Party

Returning from his workshop in Brittany in France, Monsieur plant unveils a series of sneakers straight out of a magical and magical universe, entitled « Mushroom Party« . Harvested in the heart of the Breton countryside, Monsieur Plant was amazed by the diversity and abundance of mushrooms.Indeed, fungi fulfill essential ecological roles in natural ecosystems, without fungi, trees and plants would quickly die, suffocated by their own waste.

Inspired and amazed, Monsieur Plant winks at this fantastic universe with the quirky « Mushroom Party » series, consisting of 5 fully vegetated Sneakers with plants harvested in the forest such as bark, moss, autumn leaves and mushrooms.

Monsieur Plant likes to play with the codes we like by using symbols such as sneakers to give them a natural and ethical twist, as if to say that nature will always triumph over man and his modes of consumption.