Exhibition « THINK NATURE »

After several months of preparation in his workshop, Monsieur Plant is delighted to announce his exhibition “THINK NATURE”, which immerses us in an offbeat, plant-based and immersive universe, with interactive, magical installations.

Ideal for taking a deep bath in nature!

Upon arrival, the “Welcome” installation set up on the facade of the Chateau, will be able to surprise visitors, with a character diving into a wall of plant moss, which reveals the premise of the exhibition, subsequently we will be able to find several installations allowing visitors to immerse themselves by participating in the well-known game of our time: the selfi

In recent years, society's view of nature has changed significantly: notably through numerous awareness campaigns in favor of the environment, biodiversity and the search for a better quality of life. In his installations, Monsieur Plant transmits symbols of current society while giving them a natural and ethical twist... and raises a very worrying subject: deforestation with the works "Magic Tree" & "Human Tree" where the visitor can begin to the place of a cut tree...What if it was us, that we were sawing?

You can also take a photo of a huge “pot” overflowing with earth with a shovel in hand in front of “The Big Dive” artwork. Which has the connotation of the overflow in our society of always wanting more.

Observe these characters that we find many times during the visit, immerse in nature with a relaxing position in a huge pile of moss coming out of the Chateau chimney, with the “immersion” work.

Or be sucked in by nature, with the work “Vortex”. In these installations, Monsieur Plant reveals the benefits that “a bath in nature” can bring us.

We can find this same character at the head of a plant, practicing magic with utensils that come straight from the museum's collection of goldsmiths, the work "overcomumption" denounces the excesses of consumerism.

A haunted room with “Ghost King” which represents this same character as a ghost who avoids it, covered in a crowned plant moss drape.

Paintings and a selection of 18th century goldwork from the Museum's fabulous collection are presented where Monsieur Plant diverts, in an offbeat and poetic way.

A sound of “nature” accompanies us throughout the visit which gives the impression of walking in a garden like no other…

The “Think Nature” exhibition positions the museum at the heart of current ethical concerns while highlighting links with the past

The exhibition is currently open to visitors during museum opening hours and will end on September 1, 2024, in an idyllic location, at Chateau de Seneffe, in Belgium.

Monsieur Plant invites you to finish your visit by strolling through the majestic and green park of the Château de Seneffe, to begin your “Bath in nature”.